Reimagining International Education: Interdisciplinary approaches to language, learning, and culture.

March 25-26, 2016

As emerging technologies and globalization conspire to make education more international, this year’s Conference on Language, Learning, & Culture seeks to explore how we, as internationally-minded educators, may be able to shape these developments in productive and exciting ways.

How can we reimagine educational access and communities, for instance, to enhance the vitality of student and educator networks, foster inclusivity and cultural responsiveness, ensure that underrepresented students have opportunities to study abroad, and bridge gaps between classrooms and communities worldwide? How can we reimagine curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment to encourage multilingualism and multiliteracy development, promote career readiness and global citizenship, demonstrate the value of inquiry-based learning across a wide variety of contexts, and ensure fair and valid uses of high-stakes gatekeeping exams that have implication for global student mobility? How can we reimagine teacher education to support international collaborations and exchanges of knowledge, encourage both pre- and in-service teachers to engage in action research and disseminate their findings, and support the development of professional identities and feelings of agency and empowerment?

Hoping to inspire fruitful exchanges of ideas on these themes and many others, we seek to: reimagine educational access and communities; reimagine curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment; and reimagine teacher education.


Mango Languages