CLLC Justification Tips

CLLC Justification Tips

With the costs of conference attendance ever increasing, many institutions find it difficult to support their working professionals in offsetting costs. VIU’s conferences are specifically intended to keep costs down, while keeping the quality of sessions, plenaries, and other opportunities of the highest quality. 

To assist you in helping to justify your attendance at CLLC, the conference organizers have arranged some tips and suggestions for justifying your participation in this year’s conference.


General Information

CLLC offers the opportunity for teachers, researchers, and industry experts to come together to learn from and network with one another.  Faculty and programs gain valuable professional development from leaders in the field who offer proven practices and cutting-edge research on how to improve teaching and learning experiences.  Workshops, plenaries, and presentations cover a variety of areas related to primary/secondary education, higher education, and adult education.  Therefore, the conference is applicable to teachers, administrators, and students across the education spectrum.

Here is what some of our past attendees have said about attending CLLC.



It may be useful to visit the Call for Proposals, which expands upon the theme of the conference.  You can gain an idea of what kind of topics may be covered this year.


Talking Points

Although everyone’s circumstances differ based upon the institutions and personal situations, the organizers have compiled some short talking points that might assist when seeking funds.

  • The opportunity to network with professionals from across the globe and across a variety of professions
  • Conference attendees receive lunch on Friday and a light breakfast on Friday and Saturday with their registration fees
  • Friday offers 1 plenary session, several posters, and opportunities for talks allowing for participants to gain insights into research and best practices
  • Saturday offers 1 plenary session and a variety of workshops and practice-oriented sessions that would provide a year’s worth of professional development all in one day
  • Attendees receive a certificate of attendance
  • CLLC offers the opportunity for group discounts.  Contact Kevin Martin ( for details



Please note the following:

  • Printable versions of certificates are available for attendees and presenters through the CLLC online system.  Only attendees and presenters who actually attend will be able to receive a certificate.
  • There is an additional fee of $5 for shipping and handling if participants need the certificates mailed.
  • Unclaimed certificates are destroyed after 30 days.