Conference Purpose

Virginia International University’s 2017 Political Science Conference will include over 50 relevant practitioners from around the world. This event is designed to provide members of the academic and professional political communities with quality educational and networking opportunities for the purpose of enhancing their instruction styles, careers, research and methodologies, operational procedures, and other aspects critical to successfully conducting political affairs on a global scale.

The 2017 Political Science Conference will be a two-day event with several concurrent sessions and other notable speakers from the international community. Invites to submit proposals are being sent to more than 100 institutions around world. Therefore, we are anticipating a significant international presence.

Last year’s conference focused on power shifts in politics which can be causes or outcomes of conflict and emergencies and explore the global response to regional and international conflicts and emergencies. From the Middle East to the Far East, Europe to Africa, conflicts and emergencies deeply affect politics and policies. This year’s conference theme is set to explore the unprecedented change and turbulence in the regions of Asia and the Middle East, and discuss the ongoing and future political transformations in Africa and Central Asia. The forum will focus on the latest security, political, identity, and developmental challenges and emerging trends in these regions and address their lasting effects on the current international system.

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