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Conference Paper Submission Guidelines

  1. Follow the guidelines of the Style Manual for Political Science. Some APSA basics requested for the CDIA Conference proceedings include using 12pt font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins on all sides, double spaced, blank print, appropriate headings, and references in proper formatting.
  2. Submissions should be in English and should be proofread prior to submission.
  3. Provide a coversheet including title, author(s), contact information for all authors (include an email address), and affiliations at the time of presentation.
  4. If using special fonts (for example, syntactic trees or IPA), be mindful that not all formats are supported on all computers.  Consider using a font freely accessible in Microsoft Word or add the symbols as .gif or .jpeg formats to ensure that the formatting is maintained.
  5. If using any copyrighted materials, a separate statement of permission and original source material must be included as a supplement to the final manuscript submission.
  6. There is no specific word limit on the manuscript, but the paper should reflect the content of the talk given at the conference.  For a talk of 20-minutes, a typical submission would be between 20-25 pages in length.
  7. Submit bothPDF and Microsoft Wordversions of the final manuscript.

*Manuscripts not providing all required portions or adhering to the requirements above are subject to rejection by the committee.

Thematic Strands

  • Power, International Security, & Terrorism
  • The Rise of China & New Regional Politics
  • Economic Politics & Development
  • Issues of Identity: Ethnicity, Gender, & Race
  • Politics of Religion & Society
  • State Institutions & Organizations
  • Authoritarianism, Regime Stability, &Change
  • Activism & New Media
  • Immigration & Refugee Flows

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Conference Paper Presentation Guidelines

Conference presenters will have 15-20 minutes to present their paper/research.  Participants may choose to use PPT or any other form of delivery.  

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