International Attendees to CLLC

CLLC has a tradition of welcoming attendees from across the globe. Since our very first CLLC in 2014, we have welcomed and encouraged attendance of international attendees and presenters. The organizers believe that the open exchange of information and ideas is enriched by the inclusion of academics and practitioners from a variety of contexts. International presenters and attendees add an invaluable contribution to our conference community.

If you are coming to CLLC from abroad, we encourage you to consult the suggestions below. Please note that seeking a visa can be a lengthy process, so we encourage international attendees to begin the process as early as possible.



If you are an international academic or practitioner who wishes to contribute to our conference, we encourage you to consult our call for proposals before submitting. Please note the anticipated date of notifications of acceptance. Unfortunately, we are not able to render decisions on proposals until around this time period.

If your proposal is accepted and you need proof of your presentation in order to seek a visa to travel to the USA, you will be given a period of time to notify the organizers that you intend to present. Once you officially confirm that you will attend and present, please email Kevin ( to notify him that you have indeed confirmed your attendance and will need a letter for visa purposes. We make no assumptions that anyone is or is not an international participant, so it is incumbent upon you to notify us of your intent, and your need for seeking a visa.

You will be provided with a letter stating that you are intending to present at our conference. 

If you are unable to obtain a visa to attend the conference, please notify us immediately so that we can make the necessary adjustments to our schedule. 



If you are planning on attending CLLC and need to seek a visa to travel to the USA to do so, the organizers can provide you with proof that you intend to attend CLLC. International attendees must complete the registration process in its entirety. Once you have registered and paid, you can email Kevin Martin ( with proof of your registration. The organizers will provide you with a letter to take with you to seek a visa to attend the conference.