Volunteering is a great way to participate in the conference and gain valuable experience, while also helping to make the event run smoothly and be enjoyable for all attendees. Volunteers for CLLC will earn complimentary registration for their service. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Rebecca Sachs at rsachs@viu.edu


  • Abstract reviewing
  • Pre-conference preparation (e.g., creating name badges, posting signs)
  • Registration and information desk service (e.g., checking in registered participants, answering questions about locations of events)
  • Session chairing (e.g., introducing the speakers for a block of talks, keeping time)
  • Food and beverage assistance (e.g., setting up for breakfast, lunch, or coffee breaks; monitoring supplies)
  • VIU campus support (e.g., monitoring orderliness of conference rooms, directing attendees to talks)
  • Other tasks TBA


In order to qualify for complimentary registration, volunteers must sign up for and commit to 5 hours of service in one or more of the areas above. These 5 hours will include 4 hours of work, plus 1 hour on call in case another volunteer is unable to complete his/her responsibilities. By choosing a particular volunteering slot, you will be making a commitment to work during the entire time specified. Please note that if you do not fulfill your commitment to complete the volunteering tasks you have signed up for, you may be invoiced for your previously waived registration fee. Should you encounter any problems with being able to fulfill your duties, please contact the volunteer coordinator immediately so that we can find a suitable replacement as soon as possible.

Thank you! We are immensely grateful to all of the volunteers who contribute their time, talents, and efforts to making CLLC a success!