• Dr. Aijaz Mustafa Hashmi

    National University of Modern Languages
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    Presentation Title: "Corporate Governance Dynamics in Emerging & Developed Economies with Strategic Financial Perspective (Comparative Study of Pakistan & USA)."
    This research study investigates the changing dynamics of Corporate Governance rules, regulations & models that corporate entities adopt in order to strengthen their management & control system, to promote corporate transparency, to ensure fair & just practices that contributes toward the protection of the rights of all the stakeholders & ultimately improves the financial performance. US & Pakistan perspective is undertaken for comparative analysis.

  • Ashley Newell, MBA, JD

    Virginia International University, USA
    School of Business Faculty

    Presentation Title: "Legal & Ethical Implications of Social Media Marketing"
    Social media marketing is the leading practice for business to use to communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings for customers, partners, and society. This paper explores the legalities and ethical dilemmas companies face when entering the digital marketing world.

  • Bonnie Heineman Wolfe

    Virginia International University, USA
    School of Business Faculty

    Presentation Title: "Where Have All the Public Companies Gone?"
    Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the U.S. have been on the decline in recent years. This paper will explore the possible causes of the decline as well as alternative funding options available and why they may be more attractive to a company than going public.

  • Darlington Akaiso Ph.D.

    World Bank Group/ International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    Washington, D.C., USA

    Presentation Title: "Business Continuity Risk Management: A Case Study of an International Development Institution"
    This session presents a précis of a world-class business continuity risk and resilience program whose operations span across the world. Insights on best practices into building confidence on how critical institutional functions can be recovered within acceptable timeframes thereby containing the impact of business disruptions, reputation, stakeholder and financial risks are shared.

  • Ed Laughlin

    Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP)
    International Trade Department

    Ed Laughlin is a Defense Program Manager in VEDP’s Global Defense Program. The GDP was recently expanded to further promote the diversification of Virginia’s Aerospace & Defense industry into export trade. Drawing from his Business Development and Marketing activities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for companies such as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce, Ed provides export counseling to help clients create profitable growth from foreign markets.

  • Fadiya Samson Oluwaseun

    Girne American University, Kyrenia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
    Assistant Professor, Lecturer  

    Presentation title: "An Assessment of Perceptions on Cyber Warfare and Prevention System in Nigeria"
    The potential threat to fix and ensure the enormous volume of data with a change in cyber information technology is very challenging. Experts are contending to design a high operational software and hardware which can provide the needs of today's hi-tech organizations. The attacks on both private and public bank organizations are associated with buffer overflow spoofing and brute force. The current study is to undertake the wide-ranging cyber-attack strategies embraced by cyber criminals to aim the preferred banks in Nigeria. 

  • George N. Harben, CEcD, CCR

    Director, Existing Business Services
    Prince William County Department of Economic Development  

    In June 2011, George N. Harben joined the Prince William County Department of Economic Development. Prior to coming to Prince William County Mr. Harben was the vice president of the Greater Paducah Economic Development Council, KY; managed the South Carolina Department of Commerce Research Division; served as the Director of Research for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership; worked for the South Carolina Department of Commerce; was the lead in Research for the BMW and the Mercedes-Benz projects. He holds Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and Certified Community Researcher (CCR) designations.

  • Grzegorz Maśloch, Ph.D.

    Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland
    Assistant Professor  

    Presentation title: "The Role of Self-sufficient Energy Regions in Development Processes of Towns and Regions"
    The construction of a Self-Sufficient Energy Region is in principle directed to energy industry but to a large degree it has an impact on the socio-economic development of the whole area of impact (especially in the area of construction, transport or production (including agricultural production)). A Self-Sufficient Energy Region is also an innovative approach to organizational structure of a given region’s energy system, directed to mutual network connections, not only in terms of capital but also in direct contacts between particular stakeholders.

  • Hampton Dowling

    Managing Partner, HCB Group LLC
    Committee on International Trade, Commonwealth of Virginia  

    Mr. Dowling serves as Managing Partner of the HCB Group LLC, a professional services firm in the metro DC area that provides executive and technical advising services, program management and market development. Mr. Dowling consults with senior leaders around the world to create, execute and drive profitability for international and domestic business opportunities through strategic partnerships. He works in defense and homeland security-related services, digital transformation and forensics, sustainable energy and systems, intelligence and geospatial, maritime logistics and international commerce. He also serves as Editorial Director of TransPort magazine.

  • Hassan Raza

    University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Presentation Title: "Cost of Equity Dynamics: A Comparison Across Emerging and Developed Market"
    The dynamics of capital market including investment mechanism are changing day by day both at domestic and at international level. The major challenge is that market participants are still waiting for answer to quantify and capture these internal and external risk factors into a single model that provide consensus among practitioners and academics.

  • Jesmin Akter

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC
    Ph.D. candidate

    Presentation title: "Effects of Workplace Bullying on Mental Health among Asian American Women"
    The purpose of the present study is to extend current understanding, from the perspective of women, "how workplace bullying effects on their mental health." Work is fundamental to prosperity, yet working is dangerous when individuals encounter bullying, which incorporates mental, physical, and sexual abuse or harassment.

  • Kaschia Hogan

    College of Business and Economics, Radford University, USA
    Finance Instructor  

    Presentation title: Cash-or-Nothing Warrants - A Case of Binary Payoffs in Structured Products
    Recent years have witnessed a substantial increase in both the size and scope of the retail market of structured financial products known as certificates. This growth has attracted the attention of the entire financial industry, academicians and regulators. Most certificates are created by intermediaries through various combinations of fixed income securities, equity securities, and/or derivative securities and typically marketed to investors under a proprietary brand name created by the intermediary (issuer).

  • Kathleen Pion, MBA

    ZESTRON Americas, USA
    Operations Manager  

    Kathleen Pion is the Operations Manager for ZESTRON Americas, the worldwide leading supplier of high precision cleaning product, service and training solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Prior to ZESTRON, Ms. Pion held various positions in well-known global companies, such as Heckler & Koch and Daimler Benz Aerospace, overseas as well as in the US.

  • Krzysztof Jarosiński, Ph. D.

    Warsaw School of Economics, Department of Regional and Spatial Development, Warsaw, Poland
    Associate Professor  

    Presentation title: "Public Services of Self-government Units and Financing of The Local and Regional Development"
    Public services have an important role in Poland in supporting regional and local development. The process of system transformation in Poland revealed the high demand for public services from the economy and also from the public. It has become clear that improving public services will require more investment. As a result of the changes taking place in Poland there was a significant increase in public expenditure on infrastructure. Private spending in the public-private partnership has increased significantly.

  • Mark Robinson, Ph.D.

    Virginia International University, Fairfax, Virginia
    School of Business Faculty

    Presentation title: Customer Experience: "The New Imperative for Profitable Business Success"
    In today’s digitally-driven world, consumers no longer buy products and services, they buy experiences. In this informative presentation, Dr. Mark Robinson will discuss the methods for implementing a customer-centric strategy leading to profitable organizational success.

  • Muhammad Jahangir

    PhD Scholar/Lecturer
    Faculty of Management Sciences,
    National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Presentation title: "Impact Of Learning Organization On Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study Of Telecommunication Companies of Pakistan"
    The study will provide an insight for HRD managers and researchers in understanding the relationship between organizational learning culture on job satisfaction and a positive correlation between job satisfaction and turnover intention.

  • Nishat Mortuza

    Virginia International University, USA

    Presentation title: "Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Development of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy for Millennials"
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the root cause and its implication on the market if the brand does or does not focus on millennial. The research aimed to find out few strategies and marketing patterns for millennial that will make branding easier for the marketers.

  • Nurudeen Lawal

    Osun State College of Technology, EsaOke Nigeria

    Presentation title: "Improvement of Marketing Services of Aviation Industries: Big Data Analytics as an Enabler."
    Business processes in aviation industries create large streams of data, to take informed decisions, this big data provides insight for the organization. Therefore, the study of big data Analytics abilities to improve marketing and business services of the aviation industries which is the main focus of this research.

  • Samar Chakraborty

    Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    PhD Researcher  

    Presentation title: "Trade Union and Labour Standards in Bangladesh"
    The aim of the study is to explore how local labour standards are affected and enforced in the age of globalisation, and to investigate the role of trade unions in this process, both through the mobilisation and collective representation of workers and through their role in partnership programmes to improve labour standards. 

  • Zelalem Chala, Ph.D.

    Virginia International University, Fairfax, Virginia
    School of Business Faculty

    Presentation title: Does the US Really Benefit from Promoting Trade Protection Policy on China?
    As of end of 2016, United States national debt to China is reaching $1.1 Trillion (5.5% of the GDP). The negative trade balance with the same is also exceeding 300 Billion Dollar. Despite such huge debt and trade deficit, President Trump is threatening to impose trade protection on Chinese goods, services and financial products. This paper is intended to analyze the economic impact of any possible Trump’s protection policy. The study particularly assesses if the policy is going to benefit the US consumers and businesses; and if the national debt and trade deficits will be minimized.