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Workshop: Transpersonal Leadership - The Bridge to Ethical Practice
This practical and participative workshop will be led by John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape Global, and lead author of the highly endorsed “Leading Beyond The Ego: How to Become a Transpersonal Leader” - published by Routledge, March 2018. Book details here. Read what Forbes says about the book here.

  • “Participation” is the key - not just a lecture.
  • “Beyond” is the touchstone - we must aim further than we can know.

The Workshop will commence with an introduction to Transpersonal Leadership, an overview of how leaders can develop into Transpersonal Leaders and through that, how to develop organisations with sustainable, ethical cultures. Participants will explore where they are on the journey to transpersonal leadership, what creating an ethical culture entails and then discuss what they need to do as leaders to develop sustainable ethical cultures in their organisations. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your questions and queries.

Take-aways for Participants
  • Understand why we need a different kind of leadership in the 21st century.
  • Understand what it takes to become a Transpersonal Leader.
  • An insight into how to manage our egos.
  • Learn how Transpersonal Leaders can create sustainable performance-enhancing organisations that have ethical and caring cultures.


John Knights: Chairman, LeaderShape Global – Author, Coach, Speaker, Lecturer

John is the lead author of the acclaimed, “Leading Beyond the Ego; How to Become a Transpersonal Leader” recently published by Routledge. He is also the author of “Ethical Leadership: How to Become an Ethical Leader”, a white paper published by Routledge in 2016 to launch the concept of this Washington Ethical Leadership Summit and which has been downloaded over 6000 times by business people and academics across the world.

John’s business life changed when in 1998 he had the serendipitous opportunity to learn to coach other chief executives and started to understand the real issues around leadership. He is an experienced senior executive coach and facilitator, and an expert in emotional intelligence, transpersonal leadership and neuro-leadership. He has been a senior executive in major international corporations, a serial entrepreneur and lecturer at Oxford and other Universities.

He is also the lead author of The Invisible Elephant & The Pyramid Treasure, co-editor and author of Leadership Assessment for Talent Development. John now focuses on growing LeaderShape globally. For more details see:
Twitter: @LeaderShapeJohn
Or contact him at: ,

Tony Wall: Professor, University of Chester UK

Tony Wall is Professor at the University of Chester UK, Regional Chair of one of the oldest professional bodies for people development in the world (the CIPD), and policy advisor to a European body for mentoring and coaching (EMCC). He is recipient of the prestigious National Teaching Fellowship Award for the international reach and impact of his work into transformational learning/management which places ethics at its heart.

Ground Rules
  • Attendees must be available for the whole period of the Dialogue.
  • Chatham House rule of confidentiality.
  • Absolutely no sales pitches.
  • Open to listening and learning – bring questions rather than answers – though we want attendees to have opinions of course!

Description of Trans-personal Leadership

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